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Welcome to The Booty Blog! The blog dedicated to the quirky imagination of JockBubble! With this blog, I hope to take you to a world of pure imagination full of my wildest fantasies and dreams!

18+ Only!


(⚠️ WARNING: While I DO NOT go into any explicit or sexual detail, this post refers back to my childhood. I do not condone anyone underage to view fetish content, but this is simply part of how it all started.)

I was always fascinated with the concept of body Inflation. I’ve had the fetish for as long as I could remember (No seriously!) Back when I was younger, it was more of a “fascination” than a “fetish” at the time. My earliest memory was when I was 3 years old and I would stuff my sister’s barbie’s shirts with tissues to make her look fat. Of course, at the time I didn’t realize I was into guys, I simply just wanted to make the doll look huge. I grew up on shows like Spongebob Squarepants and Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes, etc. so I was no stranger to the cartoony inflation gag that would occasionally pop up and catch me eye. Watching the characters accidentally get an air pump stuck in their pants or have the balloon blow air back into them (my childhood favorite was the Spongebob Sauarepants episode entirely about how Spongebob put the blow dryer in his pants and made him fly). It made me simply just want to recreate everything, and it eventually became a life goal of mine: to blow up.

Something about it seemed fun and exciting. The cartoonishly massive sizes and cartoonish bouncing and physics seemed fun and attractive to me! I always loved it when the inflated cartoon character would bounce and have that good ‘ole BOING sound effect added to it. Whether it was caused by water or air or food, it was appealing to me and I simply wanted more.

A few years later, I discovered the inflation side of YouTube. I would wake up early in the morning and sneak downstairs to the basement where that old dinosaur computer was, tiptoeing while everyone else was still asleep, and surf the Internet for body Inflation and suit inflation videos. (Should I have been watching that at the time? Absolutely not, but it happened!) I would watch videos of guys, artists I call them, with weather balloons under their zentai morphsuits like funkyfeetuk, or guys encased in massive latex balloon suits that filled up a room like blowupboy and lovetoinflate. Most of the kids at my age wanted to grow up and be astronauts or race car drivers, but as for me, I simply wanted to do what the guys whose videos I watched did and become a balloon!

While I shouldn’t have been watching that kind of content at that time, I was thankful that it made me realize at an early age that I wasn’t the only one who had this fascination. I was weird, but I wasn’t weird alone! While it was inspiring, it was also reassuring knowing that there are others who loved what I loved. Who I felt would understand me. And while I still keep my real self underwraps online, I was never ashamed of liking what I liked.

I always knew that inflation was something I was going to do when I got older, and even if it was something I wasn’t interested in anymore, I’d still do it just to say I did. It was something so near and dear to my heart when I was younger and I had such dreams. However, the fetish stuck all the way up to my adult years and I patiently waited until I became a legal adult to create my current online identity, which most of you know as JockBubble, simply to avoid conflict and problems. And I’m grateful to have done that, as I have befriended many other inflation fanatics like me, some even from back in the day.

I myself was always a bit of crafty kid back then and I loved coming up with brand new ideas to make my inflation content pop! I tapped into that craftiness I’ve sewed fabric and combined articles of clothing. I’ve practiced balloony figures shapes with 3D modeling and I’ve brainstormed concepts and fantasies that I personally loved and enjoyed. While it’s hard for me to inflate with the inflatable padding that you all know and love, as I still live with my folks, my sister, and her needy dog who never likes to be left alone, there’s much more of me that I have yet to show. I intend to tap into more of my creative mind and come up with something never before seen. Something extraordinary. I love this fetish and I love who I am and I don’t think I would ever stop doing what I do. It makes me happy and drives me towards a better future for myself, full of excitement and wonder. As I said when I was a child: “I’m gonna be the best out there. It’ll take some time, but just you wait.”

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Most of you know me as the legendary JockBubble, that fella who puts the Wubble Bubble Balls under his 8XL pants and pretends he’s rocking that big ‘ole badonkadonk! Yes, that is indeed me!

Most of my close friends refer to me as Jock, but others refer to me as the name of my original character, Booty Beauregarde, whom I often like to personify. Booty Beauregarde is the name I often prefer; however, you may refer to me as whatever you like.

As I write this, I’m a 21 year old gay male college student from the Midwestern United States who has a passion for big butts, blueberries, and male expansion. I’ve been creating content since I was 18, and man does time fly! Unfortunately, under current circumstances, content has been hard for me to make as of late; however, the suppression of my beloved big booty antics has made creative thoughts flow through my mind and inspired me to create this blog!

I’ll be using this blog to post about my thoughts, my kinky fantasies, and perhaps some photos and videos for times when I do get the chance to blow up into a booty berry or a round berry or a squeaky air balloon or what have you! Follow me on my journey to becoming the inflation community’s biggest online blimp!

Thank you!

[P.S. - This owner of this blog supports the LGBTQ+ movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, and any other movements geared towards positive change!]

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