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About Me!

Most of you know me as the legendary JockBubble, that fella who puts the Wubble Bubble Balls under his 8XL pants and pretends he’s rocking that big ‘ole badonkadonk! Yes, that is indeed me! 


Most of my close friends refer to me as Jock, but others refer to me as the name of my original character, Booty Beauregarde, whom I often like to personify. Booty Beauregarde is the name I often prefer; however, you may refer to me as whatever you like.


As I write this, I’m a 21 year old gay male college student from the Midwestern United States who has a passion for big butts, blueberries, and male expansion. I’ve been creating content since I was 18, and man does time fly! Unfortunately, under current circumstances, content has been hard for me to make as of late; however, the suppression of my beloved big booty antics has made creative thoughts flow through my mind and inspired me to create this blog!

I’ll be using this blog to post about my thoughts, my kinky fantasies, and perhaps some photos and videos for times when I do get the chance to blow up into a booty berry or a round berry or a squeaky air balloon or what have you! Follow me on my journey to becoming the Inflation community’s biggest online blimp! 


Thank you!


[This blog supports the LGBTQ+ movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, and any other movements geared towards positive change!]

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